Small and Medium Businesses

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Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) usually already have their feet underneath them and have different needs than startups. They are moving towards more growth and expansion. SMBs already have their websites, but need updates, automations tools (web applications), and mobile applications for both customers and for internal use.

ERP systems
Booking systems
IoT Controls
CRM systems
Data Scraping

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Dedicated Teams

We believe that continuity of development is always the standard of best practice. Therefore, we offer dedicated teams projects that are a minimum of 3 months in duration.

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Outsourced Team

Many companies have long-term needs (six months and longer). For these long-term projects not only do we offer a full dedicated team (PM, QA, and devs), but we also offer and encourage our developers to come and work on-site with the client for the first week of the project. Not only does this give our developers a real understanding of the project, but it also gives them a real understanding of the client and helps to foster a team feeling and experience for both us and our you (our client).

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